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About Us

Amber Hardware supplies a wide range of hardware, tools and sundries to both domestic and trade customers.


Our ‘Aladdins Cave’ of hardware is fully stocked with all the essentials, from small tools to power tools,

We offer a free local delivery service at our Maiden Newton store to ensure our shop is accessible to all. 


We do it the old fashioned way, with customer care and attention. We dont pretend to carry everything in stock, but we do ensure that we carry the essentials, and often the not so essentials too.


Our store is packed with items of all types, if you dont see it, please just ask a member of staff, the chances are, we’ll have it somewhere. And if we dont have it in stock, we will order it in specially for you.

Maiden Newton: 01300 320271/07367 511636                 Wool: 01929 462291    
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